Richard (Support Guru)

Richard (Support Guru)

If you have any technical questions about CyberShield please feel free to contact me

Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:31

How do I get a Mac to forget a WiFi network?

1) Click the Wi-Fi icon toward the upper right of your screen in the menu bar (It looks like a pizza slice)
2) Click on Open Network Preferences
3) Click the Advanced button
4) Click the Wi-Fi tab
5) Select the network you'd like your Mac to forget
6) Click on the minus (-) button
7) Click on the OK button
8) Click on the Apply button


1) From the Start screen, swipe to the left
2) Scroll down and tap Settings
3) Tap WiFi
4) Tap the Wi-Fi connection to forget
5) Tap the delete icon

Your Windows phone will no longer try and connect to the WiFi network


Here's how to tell your iPhone & iPad to forget a wireless network:

  • From the home screen, tap Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Locate the wireless network you want the iPhone to forget, tap the blue arrow next to the network name
  • Tap Forget this Network
  • You have successfully told your iPhone to forget the wi-fi network.

The iPhone will not attempt to connect to the network in the future.


Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:05

How fast is the CyberShield Hub?

The Hub is a Wireless N Router providing a maximum speed of 300Mbps. This is easily fast enough to stream HD video.

The Hub is backwards compatible and will work with older wireless B and G technology. This means your old Laptops, phones and tablets will work with the Hub

The 1 LAN ports have a maximum speed of 100Mbps


As with any WiFi equipment it is very hard to give an accurate answer as so many factors impact a WiFi signal. But the Hub is powerful and should provide full coverage to an average 4 bedroom house.


Yes, The CyberShield App can be installed on any Android device and will offer the same protection when using 3G / 4G mobile broadband or other WiFi networks.

We are currently working on an App for the iPhone \ iPad

The CyberShield Hub is highly portable and can easily be connected to other WiFi networks (e.g. hotels, coffee shops and on holiday) without any reconfiguration.


Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:03

Is there a CyberShield mobile phone app?

Yes, The CyberShield App will protect Android devices when away from home using WiFi or 3G \ 4G mobile broadband.

The App isn't used for management. All management is controlled from the Web Portal

We are currently working on an iPhone \ iPad App

Yes, one of CyberShield's main functions is to filter internet content.

If intentionally or accidently you go to a website that is banned a block page will open instead of the website.

If the page shouldn't be banned it can be added to a whitelist.

CyberShield also applies Safe Search technology which means a search for e.g. 'porn' on Google, Bing or Youtube will not return any undesirable results

Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:01

How easy is it to setup CyberShield?

Very easy! One of our main aims with CyberShield is to make it as simple as possible to use with minimal setup.

Hub - Simply plug a network cable (provided) from your current internet router to the CyberShield Hub and then connect any device you want protecting to the CyberShield WiFi network.

App - Download the app, install, set a PIN number and enter the 8 character token that we supply

For most users it will only take a few minutes to be up and running.

There are no accounts to setup or settings to configure

In the unlikely event you do experience problems setting up CyberShield you can always contact the support team


Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:00

How many devices can I use with CyberShield?

There is a maximum of 50 devices that can use the Hub, but we recommend a maximum of 15 devices.

The App works with 6 devices on a single subscription


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