How to clone a MAC address

    Cloning a MAC address allows the CyberShield Hub to appear on a network as though it's another device.

    Configuring MAC clone on the CyberShield Hub

    1. Connect to the CyberShield Hub WiFi network or LAN port with the device you want to clone
    2. Open a web browser and go to http://myhub.local or 
    3. Enter the 'Hub admin' password (this can be found on the password card supplied with your Hub)
    4. Click WAN Setting (globe image) from the left menu and select 'Clone MAC'
      Cloe MAC address
    5. Check the MAC address is the one you wan to clone and then click Clone > Apply
    6. To restore back to the original CyberShield HUB MAC address click Restore > Apply



    Richard (Support Guru)

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