How to setup a VPN

    The CyberShield Hub is VPN ready, meaning that you can use 3rd party Open VPN services, such as HMA

    Using a VPN secures and anonymises your internet connection. It also allows access to content that is usually restricted e.g. access US Netflix from an internet device in the UK

    Setting up a VPN on the CyberShield Hub

    1. Connect to the CyberShield Hub WiFi network or LAN port
    2. Open a web browser and go to http://myhub.local or 
    3. Enter the 'Hub admin' password (this can be found on the password card supplied with your Hub)
    4. Click 'VPN' from the top menu and select 'Open VPN'
      hub vpn main page
    5. Click 'Upload New' and select the configuration file (This file is often called the OVPN file and can be download from your VPN provider)
    6. If prompted, enter your VPN account username and password (this is supplied by your VPN provider)
    7. Select the VPN configuration file you want to use from the dropdown list
    8. Put a tick in the box next to 'Enable and Press 'Apply'.
      Note: Alternatively use the small physical slider switch on the Hub to enable or disable the VPN selected in the dropdown list
    9. The VPN can take up to a minute to connect. Once connected the middle light on the Hub will turn on

    Please note, if you are using a free VPN service the connection may regularly drop and severely limit your bandwidth.

    CyberShield strongly recommends a reputable paid VPN service!



    Richard (Support Guru)

    If you have any technical questions about CyberShield please feel free to contact me