Hub Quick Setup Guide

    Connecting the CyberShield Hub to your existing internet router

    1)    Connect the network cable (supplied) to the port labelled WAN on the CyberShield Hub

    2)    Connect the other end of the network cable to a free LAN port of your existing home internet router


    hub setup network

    Powering the CyberShield Hub

    The CyberShied Hub is powered using a USB cable (supplied). Connect to a USB port on your existing internet router (recommended) or use the supplied 3 pin mains plug or a computer USB port.

    1) Connect the small end of the USB cable to the port labeled 'Power' on the Hub

    2) Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB port on your existing router or use the supplied mains plug

    Connecting devices to the CyberShield Hub using WiFi

    1)    On the internet device (e.g. tablet, computer) you want to connect using WiFi, scan for available WiFi networks

    2)    Select the network starting with CyberShield-

    3)    Enter the WiFi password. The default WiFi password can be found on a credit card sized card that came in the same box as your CyberShield Hub



    -    Any device connected to the CyberShield Hub will be protected.
    -    You can use your current router WiFi as normal if you don’t want websites filtered
    -    To prevent devices from reconnecting to your current unprotected router WiFi, we recommend you either change the WiFi password of your existing home router or ‘Forget’ the WiFi password on the device you want protecting (see our website for more details )

    Richard (Support Guru)

    If you have any technical questions about CyberShield please feel free to contact me