Android App Quick Setup Guide

    Installing the CyberShield Android App

    • On your Android phone \ tablet open the Play Store

    • Search for CyberShield and click Install

    CyberShield App on Google Play

    Initial setup of the Android App

    • Open the CyberShield App by clicking on the icon

    app icon

    • The initial screen will prompt you to enter a 4 digit PIN number that is used to lock the appapp enter pin
    • Enter your PIN again to confirm

    • Next you will be asked for your 8 digit token. The token can be found in your 'Welcome to CyberShield' email and if you have purchased the Home Hub you will also find the token on the password card in the box

      app start
    • Click Start and you will receive a VPN  'Connection Request' prompt, click OK

    • The App will close and an icon of a key will show at the top right, indicating that CyberShield is running


    Stopping the App

    • Open the CyberShield App

    • Enter your 4 digit PIN number

    • Tap Stop




    Richard (Support Guru)

    If you have any technical questions about CyberShield please feel free to contact me