How do I get a Windows PC to forget a WiFi network?

    Forgetting a wireless network (WiFi) will mean that your computer will no longer automatically connect to the forgotten WiFi network.
    Below are the steps to forget a WiFi network for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and Vista

    Windows 10

    1.Click the WirelessNetwork icon on the lower right corner of your screen
    2.Click Network & Internet settings at the bottom
    3.Click Manage Wi-Fi settings
    4.Under 'manage known networks', select the name of your current home network
    5.Click Forget. The wireless network profile is removed

    Windows 8

    1. Select the Wireless icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
    2. Right click on your current home network name
    3. Select Forget this network

    Windows 7 and earlier

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Network and Internet
    3. Open the Network and Sharing Center
    4. Select Manage wireless networks
    5. Select the your current home network
    6. Click Remove


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