What devices does CyberShield work with?

The CyberShield Online protection solution consists of two parts, the home Hub and the Android App 

The Hub works with any WiFi device and also has 1 ethernet port for a network cable.

Some of the devices that work with the Hub are:

  • Windows PCs
  • Apple Mac computer
  • iPads & iPhone
  • Android Tablets & Phones
  • Windows Tables & Phones
  • Games Consoles
  • Smart TVs

It is also possible to connect computer peripherals such as scanners, printers, NAS boxes etc to the CyberShield network

The App is currently only available for Android phones and tablets. We are working on an app for the iPhone and iPad which will be available 2018


Richard (Support Guru)

If you have any technical questions about CyberShield please feel free to contact me