CyberShield Web Portal

The web portal is a website that allows you to control all the settings for your CyberShield Hub and Android App. You don’t have to use the portal if you don’t want to, it just offers additional features and customisations that some parents might find useful. By default your CyberShield Hub and Android App are preconfigured to be cyber safe.

Main Features

Block porn & adult content using pre-defined categories

YouTube content restricted to only safe videos

Return only safe results on Google, Bing etc using safe search

Set schedules for internet access and filtering

Logs showing sites that have been accessed & blocked

Configure email alerts when a site is blocked

Graphs showing internet activity at a glance

Default settings are preconfigured for safe internet

Each device can have different profile filtering settings

Manage portal settings from any web browser

Setup your own black (blocked) & white (allowed) lists

Administer different user profiles and settings