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The CyberShield Hub

The CyberShield Hub is a small (2.28 x 2.28 x 0.98 in) wireless router that connects to your existing home internet router and creates a new secure WiFi network that filters internet traffic. The Hub is preconfigured with safe internet settings. Simply plug it in and connect any internet device you want protecting. You can still use your current WiFi network as normal without any filtering.

The CyberShield Hub is administered from the online portal that can be accessed from any web browser. The portal allows parents to manage all the filtering settings by using categories (e.g. gambling, drugs, games etc) or manually blocking or allowing specific websites. There is no requirement for parents to administer the hub from the portal. CyberShield automatically configures safe settings suitable for most children which are continually updated to offer the best protection.

The Hub is small and powered using a standard micro USB connection (same as used by Android smartphones) making it ideal as a travel router which you can take away with you on holiday and get the same great protection. See our Android App for protection when away from home.

The Hub not only protects kids form inappropriate online content but also has many other great features which are listed in the 'Hub Features' section lower down.

We have tried to make the CyberShield system as easy as possible to use, which means there are no accounts to setup, no settings to adjust (unless you want to) and no linking devices with profiles. It really is as simple as plugging the Hub in and connecting by WiFi or network cable.


Hub Features

Block porn & adult content using pre-defined categories

YouTube content restricted to only safe videos

The Hub creates a safe WiFi network that protects connected devices

Return only safe results on Google, Bing etc using safe search

Easily manage everything from the CyberShield web portal

WISP allows connection to Internet devices using WiFi instead of a network cable

Super easy and quick setup. Simply plug in & connect

Helps protect form internet nasties: malware, botnets....

The home hub is portable and can be taken on holiday, hotels etc

Reports on all sites visited & which were blocked

The hub is powered using a micro USB connection

Schedule times for different filters to be applied & Internet availability

The Hub can be used as a WiFi range extender

Connect USB storage to Hub for server like capabilities

Connect USB modem to Hub for protected mobile broadband internet

Protects any home internet device without installing software

The Hub has powerful Wireless WiFi & 1 local ethernet port

Ready to work with 3rd party VPN for ultra secure internet connection