Android App

The CyberShield Android App allows mobile phones and tablets to be protected when using any WiFi, 3G or 4G internet connection. Like the home Hub, the app is preconfigured with default internet safe settings and can be administered from the web portal. The app has been designed so that it is difficult to disable once enabled, unless the App password is known.

Main Features

Block porn & adult content using pre-defined categories

YouTube content restricted to only safe videos

Return only safe results on Google, Bing etc using safe search

Easily manage everything from the CyberShield web portal

Easily install the CyberShield App from Google Play

Helps protect from internet nasties: malware, botnets....

Reports on all sites visited & which were blocked

CyberShield App auto restarts when Android device is turned off \ on

Lock App with a PIN number to prevent access

App can be installed on up to 6 different Android devices

App works with any Android v6 or newer phone or tablet

Each device can have different profile filtering settings