Why do i need CyberShield when my ISP has Parental Controls

Why do i need CyberShield when my ISP has Parental Controls

The 4 largest UK internet services providers BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin all provide some form of parental control to protect children from unsuitable online content. Find out why you still need CyberShield.

Safe Search

So, you’ve got your ISPs Parental Controls turned on with maximum protection. You child goes to 'www.a-porn-website.com' and it gets blocked, great. The Parental Controls are working as expected. But, if for example your child goes to Google and intentionally or unintentionally enters a porn related phrase in Google search the ISPs Parental Control fails in two ways.

1) The results that are returned will often contain very strong and offensive language in the title and description
2) www.google.co.uk isn’t a blocked website and so by simply clicking on Google Images or Video (at the top of the Google search page click on ‘Images’ or ‘Video’) will result in lots of hardcore porn images

This problem isn’t unique to Google, it’s the same for other search engines.

The major search engines and YouTube have a feature called Safe Search which only returns family friendly results. CyberShield automatically enables Safe Search for all internet devices connected to the CyberShield WiFi or that use the CyberShield Android App.

All or Nothing Parental Controls

When the ISP parental control is enabled all internet devices have the same restrictions applied. This can be very inconviennient for parents using the internet connection when they want access a website that has been blocked.

This is not a problem with the CyberShield Hub which creates a new ‘Cyber Safe’ WiFi network that the Kids internet devices connect to while parents internet devices can continue to use their existing WiFi network without restrictions.


None of the big four ISPs offer any reporting on what websites have been visited, when they were visited and which ones have been blocked. This information can be very helpful for parents to get an understanding of their child’s internet activities and if necessary take action.

CyberShield reports will show if there is internet activity during the night when your child is meant to be a asleep or if there’s numerous attempts to access gambling website etc.

The CyberShield portal allows parents to access reports which has detailed information on all internet activity. The reporting system has various filters which allow the reports to refined to display only the required information

Home and Away

Most ISPs parental controls are only effective for the home internet connection. Although some ISPs now have Apps that can be used to apply Parental Controls to phones \ tables (not laptops or games consoles) when they are accessing the internet using 3G \ 4G or public WiFi.

CyberShield offers two ways in which internet protection can be applied to devices away from the home network.

1) The CyberShield App is a small Android app that can be obtained from the Google Play store and will apply the same Parental Control settings to Android devices when used away from the home network

2) The CyberShield Hub is very small and powered using a standard USB cable which makes it ideal as travel router. Take the Hub away with you on holiday and connect it to a Hotel’s WiFi (using a feature called WISP ) or a Villa’s internet router (using a network cable) and you instantly have a ‘Cyber Safe’ network. Because all your Kids internet devices have previously used the CyberShield Hub they will automatically connect without any configuration.

When using the CyberShield Hub as a travel router it will protect any device that connects to it including laptops, game consoles, phones, tablets etc

Parental Control Features

Many ISPs have limited features when it comes to setting Parental Controls.
CyberShield is preconfigured with Parental Control settings that offer great online protection for children, but might not be suitable for everyone. Using the CyberShield Portal it is possible to customise the settings to your own specific requirements.

Parental Control settings include
-    Over 50 different filtering categories e.g. porn, gambling, weapon, drugs
-    Manually configure your own black (blocked) and white (allowed) lists
-    Schedule internet availability times
-    Create internet activity reports using different filter options
-    Enable \ disable Safe Search – Set Safe Search levels intermediate or strict

It’s what we do!

CyberShield has been specifically designed with the main purpose of protecting kids when using the internet. An Internet Service Providers main purpose is just that, to provide an internet service. Parental Control for the ISP is an additional cost which they have been forced to implement by the government. At CyberShield online protection is our bread and butter. We are constantly monitoring online threats to kids and continually updating system to provide the best possible protection.

CyberShield does other stuff

Parental Control is the main function of the CyberShield Hub, but the Hub also offers other features that can help protect families online.
-    Built-in firewall
-    VPN ready

Other Features
-    Use the CyberShield Hub as a WiFi range extender
-    Watch usually blocked US Netflix or any country Netflix from the UK (3rd party VPN subscription required)
-    Watch BBC iPlayer and other UK streaming services when abroad
-    Travel router – Share single WiFi connections, Power from USB battery pack, Public WiFi protection

Like all Parental Control solutions, CyberShield is not 100% effective and should not be treated as the be-all and end-all of cyber safety.