Parents guide to Minecraft

Parents guide to Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a hugely popular video game that can be played on various devices including desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones and games consoles. Unlike most games there is no set objective, but rather players can build a world and create their own objective.


There are 3 modes that Minecraft can be played, they are:

Survival – The player must survive against monsters and hunger
Creative –  The player can do what they want and monsters cannot attack
Adventure – The player must not break any blocks and must kill monsters

Minecraft can be customised using ‘Mods’ which are unofficial files that can be downloaded and installed to make changes to the game.


Is Minecraft safe for kids?

The actual game is very cartoon like and when used with the correct supervision is suitable for young children.

There are monsters and zombies in Minecraft, however they are created using block graphics and the game doesn’t have the detail to make creatures that might scare children.

An important element of the game is linking up with other players who can play games and create worlds. Connecting with other players is done by accessing public Minecraft servers that host games and allow anyone to join the game. This means that complete strangers are playing with each other and this is something that needs to be properly supervised.

Complete strangers can communicate with each other using chat

 minecraft chat


Configuring Minecraft parental control settings

Currently there are no parental controls or privacy settings in Minecraft and to keep Minecraft safe for you child requires a little knowledge about the game’s options.

Single Player – This is the safest option as no other players can enter the game

Multiplayer – This option is the least safe as anyone can join games and communicate with anyone in the game using Minecraft chat. The best option is to use child friendly Minecraft servers that are moderated, see the links below

LAN – This setting only allows users on the same network to play with each other. For example, anyone using you home WiFi can enter the game. This article explains how to setup a Minecraft LAN game

minecraft menu

Always make sure that Minecraft is downloaded from official website at Never download from unknown web sites or torrents which can contain viruses and malware

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