Online safety tips for parents to keep kids safe

Online safety tips for parents to keep kids safe

Keeping kids safe online can be tricky for parents. There are so many internet enabled devices, mobile phone, tables, computer, games consoles making it difficult to monitor. Using parental control software and hardware, like CyberShield, can greatly improve your child’s online safety on all devices with very little setup. However, there are other important factors to keeping your child safe online. Below are some helpful tips......


Talk to your child

Regularly talk to your child and show an interest in what they’ve been doing online. Having a casual chat with your child is the best way to find out what they’ve been up to online. Use subtle but probing questions to find out if they’ve been chatting to people they don’t know, been to sites that have inappropriate content, if they’ve felt threatened or cyber bullied.



All the big search engines have an option to enable safe search.Enabling safe search will filter results so that no undesirable search results are returned. This feature is automatically enable on all devices that use CyberShield for internet access.

To manually configure SafeSearch

Google SafeSearch

Bing SafeSearch

Yahoo SafeSearch

DuckDuckGo Safe Search

YouTube Restricted Mode

Kids profile

On most computers and mobile devices it is possible to setup profiles for each user. Give your child their own profile which doesn’t have administrator rights and is locked down to an appropriate level.

Having a separate profile for your child will not only limit what they can do (and viruses, malware etc), but also make it possible to see what they’ve been doing e.g. checking web history

There are loads of great articles online explaining how to create restricted profiles for Android & Apple mobile devices as well as Windows and MAC OS.


Parental control apps and hardware

Parent control software and hardware, like CyberShield, are an effective part of keeping kids safe online. They are constantly updated to protect from the latest online threats. But they are only part of the solution and should be used in conjunction with the other tips in this article.

Online privacy

It is important to not give personal information away online. One effective method to keep your child’s identity private is to create an online nickname. Along with the nickname also make up easy to remember personal details such as date of birth, address etc. There’s no reason that your child should ever have to give out there personal details online.

Antivirus, Firewall & Updates

Always make sure that the internet device used by your child has up to date antivirus software a firewall and has the latest software patches installed. Criminals often take advantage of poorly secured devices to install malware which can put your child’s safety at risk.


As parents we are always teaching are children about dangers and what we should do to keep safe. We teach our children that roads are dangerous and that to cross a road we have to take certain precautions. It is the same for the virtual world. You don’t have to be technical to teach your child, most is just every day common sense…..don’t talk to strangers, don’t give out personal information, report bullying and so on