Is the Game Roblox Safe for Kids

Is the Game Roblox Safe for Kids

If you have kids who love playing online games, the chances are they playing Roblox.  The Game is available on all the main platforms, Windows, Android, IOS, XBOX, Amazon Fire and is aimed towards younger children.

Unlike traditional games, Roblox doesn’t have any set objective (similar to Minecraft), but is rather a toolkit for making games that can then be shared with the public to play. Some of the most popular games created using Roblox Studio can have tens of thousands of simultaneous players.

Is Roblox safe for young children?

ROBLOX is designed as a multiplayer game, meaning that people from all over the world can join a game and play against each other. Like many similar games, Roblox has an in-game chat feature, which allows all players in the game to communicate with each other. There is automated and human moderation team that will try and control what is discussed and what information is shared in chat, especially if the child is registered as being under 12 years of age. However online predators are careful in the way that they communicate, so as not to be identified as a threat.

Until your child has been educated in online threats it is strongly advised that the chat feature is disabled within the Roblox account – Go to Privacy  > Account settings

 CyberShield can block access to Roblox until your child is ready to enter the Roblox world

What does Roblox cost?

The Games is completely free to use and simply requires players to register an account.
There are in game upgrades \ accessories that require payment using the game currency called Robux. Robux have to be purchased using real money!


Is the game scary for children?

The game uses bright colours and lacks the detail to create a scary environment or characters. All games that are created using Roblox Studio are reviewed for inappropriate content before being published for public game play. Any Roblox games that are reported as containing unsuitable content are removed by moderators.


Tips to keep kids safe using Roblox

1)    Don’t use real names when setting up the Roblox account
2)    Make sure a strong account password is used
3)    Make sure that your child’s registered age is correct (younger children have extra safety applied to their account)
4)    Turn off game chat for younger kids
5)    Players can only chat with each other if they are accepted as a friend. Check your child’s friend list are genuine friends and ‘defriend’ if they aren’t
6)    Educate your child not to give out personal details and to report anything they feel uncomfortable about.
7)    Regularly check on your child when they’re playing Roblox