How can I watch US Netflix in the UK

How can I watch US Netflix in the UK

Netflix is hugely popular streaming service that's used by 120 million users around the world. Each country has it's own version of Netflix that has different TV shows and films. So what do you do if you want to access US netflix content?

netflix contentWhy would I want to use the US Netflix?

Content! The US Netflix has way more TV shows and films compared to the UK. As of January 2018 the US service has nearly twice the content of the UK Netflix. So, if you want a greater selection of shows to watch, then you need to get the US version.


How do I connect to US Netflix?

When you start watching Netflix it will automatically connect to the Netflix service for the country you’re in. So, even if you have a UK Netflix account on a UK mobile phone, but you’re visiting North America you’ll automatically connect to US Netflix.

In order to watch US Netflix we need to trick it into thinking that we are located on the US. This can easily be achieved using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.

There are loads of VPN service providers, but you need to make sure to use a trusted provider and one that allows streaming from other countries. A very popularHide my ass VPN VPN provider based in the UK and one which we recommend is HMA (Hide My Ass).

Not only will a VPN allow you to access content that is normally inaccessible, but it also means that your internet connection will be encrypted and anonymous. Making your internet connection far more secure.


Using a VPN with CyberShield Hub

Most VPN service providers have software that you install on your computer or mobile device. You simply open the software, select the country you want your VPN to connect through and click connect.

But what happens if you want Netflix on a smart TV, games console, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chrome Cast, Roku or other device where it’s not possible to install VPN software?....Simple, the CyberShield Hub is VPN ready.

Just upload the VPN providers Open VPN setup file (usually called the OVPN configuration file) to the CyberShield Hub, enter your VPN username and password. Now any device that uses the CyberShield Hub for it’s internet access will automatically use the VPN.

Most VPN providers have specific OVPN files that are required to access Netflix in a particular country. For example the HMA file required to access US netflix from outside the US is call 'US.NewYork.LibertyIsland.TCP.ovpn'.

Instruction for setting up a VPN with CyberShield

Now you can watch US Netflix or Canadian Netflix or any other country Netflix on your smart TV or other device that connects to the CyberShield Hub.

To go back to watching UK Netflix just turn the VPN off by using the button on the side of the CyberShield hub or use a web browser to connect to the Hub admin page.


Is watching US Netflix outside the US via VPN legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use a VPN to watch US Netflix from the UK.

There's some small print where it is recommended not to use a VPN to watch Netflix as it may impact performance, but nothing that states it is against Netflix terms and conditions of use.

We’ve connected to US Netflix using HMA as our VPN service provider and the performance has been perfect!