Keep Kids Safe Online

Quick & easy internet protection

Home Hub Protection


Pre-configured to 'work out of the box' with all your home internet devices...literally takes two minutes to be up and running


Filters billions of web pages and is continually adding websites to protect your family from undesirable content & malicious websites.

Home & Away

The CyberShield Hub protects at home and when away the App protects Android smart phones and tablets 


Optional features that allow custom web filtering, reporting, scheduling internet time & email alerts using the online portal

Protecting your family online is simple
with the CyberShield Home Hub and Android App

Android Tablet and Phone

Features that make CyberShield great for parents

CyberShield is fully preconfigured and 'works out of the box'. Just plugin and connect

Block porn & adult content

Restrict YouTube content

Protect any internet device

Google, Bing & Yahoo safe search

Activity reporting and alerts

Manage everything from the web portal

Super easy and quick setup

Protects form malware, viruses, botnet....

Protect devices at home and away

Web Portal Allows for Easy Configuration of Features

Scheduling – Control at what times the internet is available

Reporting – Check which sites have been accessed and when

Safe Search – Automatically filter search results from Google, YouTube and Bing

White Black lists – Manually add websites which you always want to allow or deny access to

Filtering Levels – Adjust what type of content is filtered e.g. social website, games, gambling etc.

Protect your Family with CyberShield

Orders are usually shipped same day and come with a 30 day money back guarantee

CyberShield Home Hub


Android App


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